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Kurisumudi (Hill of the holy cross) is a mountain at Maiayattoor, has its fame as a place visited by St. Thomas, one of the Apostles of Jesus Christ.
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 The Feast at Kurisumudi is on the first Sunday after Easter and the Octave on the following Sunday. People visit this pilgrim centre all through the year but they come in large groups during lenten season. The number of pilgrims go up during the holy week especially on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.A lot of devotees come to the shrine carrying crosses and walking hundereds of Kilometers. Some of the crosses weight more than 75 Kilograms. When the piligrims climb the mountain they chant "Ponnin Kurisu Mala Muthappo Ponmalakayattam" that has almost become a manthra of those who climb.


Different kinds of offerings are brought here; Money, Agricultural products,Silver,gold and different kinds of coins and currecies of differnt nations all over the world. Malayattoor Kurisumudy is an inspiring pilgrim centre that gives spiritual energy and rejuvenation.

Rituals and Practices

As reparation for their sins pilgrims climb the hill with prayers on their lips. To climb the hill is not an easy task. It is 1269 ft. high from the sea leavel. The climbing is done as a vow. They come after fasting and penance. As a part of their pilgrimage there are various rituals that a pilgrim can attend. Difference of religion, caste and creed are not a bar when they come to the rituals. This center is noted for inter-religious harmony and ecumenism. 

Groups of pilgrims climb the hill praying the Way of the Cross with lighted candles in their hands. During the lenten season the whole atmosphere echos the songs and prayers of the Stations of the Cross.
There are women who carry brooms with them when they climb the hill. It is believed that by doing so they grow their hair long and thick. They pray for the abundance of physical and spiritual well being.
Pilgrims carrying stones on their heads as they climb the mountain, is a usual seen. They place it near the Fourteenth station at the completion of the Way of the Cross. It is done for the relief of their chronic headaches.


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